Firefox OS

Firefox OS
  • I bought a Peak phone from the spanish company Geeksphone in May 2013, which was the first Firefox OS phone available for developers.
  • After exploring the Mozilla APIs, the Building Blocks library, the FFOS Simulator and AppManager tool, etc., i wrote my first webapps, providing backup/restore of contacts using the SD-card:
    • Contacts2XML: to backup the contacts to the SD-card.
    • XML2Contacts: to restore the contacts from the SD-card.
    • Cockatoo: to manage the contacts using the classical Firefox browser.
  • Then:
    • Cactus: an offline calendar tool with categories and repeat events.
    • a few scripts to synchronize my sdcard every time i plug the device on the PC.
  • And more recently:
    • StatsCars: a car manager providing costs and statistics of your "precious".
  • My experience of Firefox OS is very positive, and that was really a shame to learn, at the end of 2015, that Mozilla stop Firefox OS for the smartphones. Now the code has been given by Mozilla to the community, but of course, the first version of B2G OS is not for general public, and supports only a few devices at this time.
  • Finally, i really think that people which let the mobile market to google and apple will pay the price in the future, at a level they can't even imagine today.
  • Smartphones and computers are not harmless toys, but weapons of mass destruction for our liberties when we don't control them. And that's the point: with the end of the only one free mobile OS, the mobile world is again in the hands of multinationals, which will quietly continue to enslave people to theirs blackboxes.
  • We deserved better.